Top Indian Fashion Bloggers - Trendsetters in Style

Top Indian Fashion Bloggers - Trendsetters in Style

Fashion bloggers are individuals who share their unique fashion sense, style tips, and insights through online platforms such as blogs, social media, and vlogs. They create engaging content, including outfit ideas, fashion hauls, beauty tips, and trend analyses to inspire and influence their followers. Over the past decade, Indian fashion bloggers have seen a significant rise in popularity and influence. With the growth of social media and the accessibility of the internet, these bloggers have been able to reach a wide audience, not only in India but also globally. Their impact on the fashion industry and the way people perceive and follow trends has been substantial. Following Indian fashion bloggers is beneficial for several reasons. They offer a diverse range of styles suitable for various occasions, body types, and budgets. Fashion bloggers also provide valuable tips on how to mix and match outfits, stay updated with the latest trends, and create a personalized wardrobe. Additionally, they often collaborate with brands, making it easier for followers to find trendy and curated fashion choices.

Top Indian Fashion Bloggers to Follow

  1. Sejal Kumar

Background and Journey:

Sejal Kumar is one of the top 10 Indian fashion bloggers and YouTuber who rose to fame in the mid-2010s. With a degree in economics and a love for creativity, Sejal started her journey by creating YouTube videos showcasing her fashion and lifestyle choices. Her relatable content and charming personality quickly garnered a massive following.

Signature Style and Niche:

Sejal's style can be described as chic, youthful, and experimental. She effortlessly blends high-street fashion with quirky elements, creating unique and eye-catching looks. Her niche lies in creating fashion-forward outfits suitable for young women, offering them inspiration for everyday wear, college fashion, and travel outfits.

Popular Content and Collaborations:

Sejal's YouTube channel and blog feature a mix of lookbooks, styling tips, and makeup tutorials. She often collaborates with popular fashion brands and designers, giving her audience access to exclusive collections and discounts. Sejal's candid approach to sharing her personal fashion journey has made her a relatable fashion icon for many young Indians.

  1. Santoshi Shetty

Background and Journey:

Santoshi Shetty, better known as The Styledge on social media, is an Indian fashion influencer and entrepreneur. After completing her education in engineering, Santoshi pursued her passion for fashion and started her blog. Her strong sense of style and a keen eye for aesthetics quickly gained her popularity in the fashion community.

Signature Style and Niche:

Santoshi's style is eclectic, edgy, and bold. She loves experimenting with prints, textures, and unconventional silhouettes, making her stand out in the fashion blogging sphere. Her niche lies in inspiring her followers to step out of their comfort zones and embrace their unique personalities through fashion.

Popular Content and Collaborations:

The Indian fashion blogger’s Instagram is filled with avant-garde fashion looks, edgy street style photoshoots, and beauty tips. She collaborates with renowned fashion brands, hosts workshops, and even has her own fashion line. Santoshi's fearless approach to fashion has earned her a dedicated following of fashion enthusiasts seeking to express their individuality.

  1. Masoom Minawala

Background and Journey:

Masoom Minawala, also known as Miss Style Fiesta, is one of the top 10 Indian fashion bloggers. With a background in finance and marketing, Masoom started her blog in 2010 as a creative outlet. Over the years, she has become one of the most influential fashion bloggers in India.

Signature Style and Niche:

Masoom's style can be described as elegant, sophisticated, and timeless. She effortlessly blends classic pieces with contemporary trends, creating a polished and chic look. Her niche lies in providing fashion inspiration for working professionals, offering them tips on incorporating style into their busy lives.

Popular Content and Collaborations:

The Indian fashion blogger’s Instagram features fashion editorials, trend reports, and travel diaries. She collaborates with luxury fashion brands and designers, showcasing exclusive collections and couture pieces. Masoom's refined and luxurious fashion sense has made her a role model for many young women aspiring to elevate their style.

Fashion Blogging Trends in India

  1. Embracing Traditional Wear with a Modern Twist:

In recent years, Indian fashion bloggers have been at the forefront of blending traditional wear with contemporary styles. They have showcased how to incorporate elements of ethnic wear, such as sarees, lehengas, and kurta sets, into everyday fashion. By adding a modern twist, such as pairing a saree with a crop top or a fusion jacket, these bloggers have made traditional Indian attire more accessible and appealing to a broader audience.

  1. Sustainability and Ethical Fashion Advocacy:

With growing awareness of environmental issues, Indian fashion bloggers have actively promoted sustainability and ethical fashion practices. They encourage their followers to make conscious choices, such as investing in quality, long-lasting pieces, supporting local artisans and craftsmen, and choosing eco-friendly and cruelty-free brands. Through their platforms, bloggers have raised awareness about the importance of reducing fast fashion consumption and opting for sustainable alternatives.

  1. Fashion Blogging Across Different Indian Cities:

India's diversity is mirrored in its fashion, and bloggers have recognized the importance of catering to various regional styles. Bloggers from different cities showcase the distinctive fashion sense of their regions, highlighting traditional outfits, local crafts, and unique trends. This trend has allowed fashion enthusiasts across India to appreciate and embrace the sartorial diversity of their country.

How Indian Fashion Bloggers Influence the Industry

  1. Impact on Consumer Choices:

Indian fashion bloggers wield significant influence over their followers' fashion choices. Their curated content, outfit ideas, and trend analyses help shape the preferences of their audience. When bloggers feature a particular brand or style, it often results in a surge in interest and sales for that product. Consequently, fashion brands often seek collaborations with popular bloggers to tap into their massive follower base and gain exposure.

  1. Collaboration with Brands and Fashion Events:

Indian fashion bloggers have become sought-after partners for fashion brands and events. Brands recognize the power of these influencers in connecting with their target audience, and thus, collaborations have become a win-win situation for both parties. Bloggers often feature exclusive collections, promote product launches, and cover fashion events, thereby creating buzz and driving engagement for the brands they work with.

  1. Role in Promoting Local and Indie Fashion Brands:

Indian fashion bloggers have played a crucial role in promoting local and independent fashion brands. By featuring these brands on their platforms, bloggers provide much-needed exposure to smaller businesses and designers. This support has helped several indie brands gain recognition and a loyal customer base, contributing to the growth of India's fashion industry as a whole.

Tips for Aspiring Indian Fashion Bloggers

  1. Finding Your Unique Voice and Style:

As an aspiring Indian fashion blogger, the first step is to find your unique voice and style. Explore your personal fashion preferences and identify what sets you apart from others. Embrace your individuality and use it to create content that reflects your personality. Whether it's blending traditional and modern fashion or focusing on sustainable choices, finding your niche will help you stand out in the competitive blogging world.

  1. Building an Engaged Audience:

Building an engaged audience is crucial for the success of any fashion blogger. Interact with your followers genuinely and respond to their comments and messages. Consistently post high-quality content that resonates with your audience, and use social media platforms strategically to promote your blog. Collaborate with other bloggers, participate in fashion-related events, and engage with the fashion community to expand your reach and visibility.

  1. Navigating Challenges and Staying Authentic:

Fashion blogging comes with its share of challenges, such as dealing with negative feedback, staying consistent, and handling the pressure to conform to trends. Stay true to yourself and your style, and don't compromise your authenticity for popularity. Be open to constructive criticism, learn from it, and continue growing as a blogger. Remember that building a successful blog takes time and perseverance.

The Future of Indian Fashion Blogging

  1. Evolving Trends and Technology:

The world of fashion blogging is ever-evolving, and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technology is essential. As technology advances, bloggers must adapt to new platforms, such as short-form videos and augmented reality experiences. Embracing innovative content formats will help fashion bloggers stay relevant and connect with their audience in fresh and exciting ways.

  1. Global Recognition and Influence:

Indian fashion bloggers have already gained significant recognition and influence within the country. Going forward, their impact is likely to expand beyond national borders, reaching a global audience. As fashion becomes more globalized, Indian bloggers have the opportunity to showcase India's rich cultural heritage and diverse fashion to the world.

  1. Fashion Blogging as a Sustainable Career Choice:

With the increasing demand for digital content and influencer marketing, fashion blogging has become a viable career option. Aspiring Indian fashion bloggers can pursue their passion and turn it into a sustainable profession. However, it's essential to diversify income streams, collaborate with brands selectively, and invest in building a personal brand that extends beyond social media platforms.


Indian fashion blogging has witnessed tremendous growth and influence over the years. Bloggers have diversified their content, championed various fashion styles, and advocated for sustainability and ethical practices. Indian fashion blogging celebrates the diversity of styles and voices across the country. From traditional ethnic wear to contemporary street fashion, each blogger brings a unique perspective to the fashion community. As consumers, engaging with fashion bloggers allows us to explore new trends, find style inspiration, and make informed fashion choices. By supporting these influencers, we encourage them to continue creating innovative and engaging content that enriches the fashion landscape in India and worldwide. To aspiring bloggers, remember to stay true to yourself, embrace your uniqueness, and share your passion for fashion with the world. With dedication, creativity, and authenticity, you can carve your niche in the dynamic world of Indian fashion blogging.


  1. Who is India's best fashion blogger?

It is challenging to pinpoint a single "best" fashion blogger in India, as the title often depends on personal preferences and individual tastes. However, some well-known and highly regarded fashion bloggers in India include Komal Pandey, Santoshi Shetty, and Masoom Minawala, among others.

  1. Who is India's biggest fashion influencer?

As with the previous question, determining the biggest fashion influencer in India can be subjective and may vary based on the metrics used to measure influence. However, some prominent fashion influencers in India include Diipa Büller-Khosla, Aashna Shroff, and Sejal Kumar.

  1. Who is a famous fashion blogger?

Several fashion bloggers in India have gained fame and recognition. Some of the most famous ones include Komal Pandey, Santoshi Shetty, and Riya Jain (popularly known as Caught In A Cuff).

  1. Who are the top 3 bloggers in India?

As of my last update, it is difficult to name the top three bloggers in India, as the blogging landscape is constantly evolving. However, some of the bloggers who have consistently ranked high in terms of popularity, influence, and engagement include Komal Pandey, Santoshi Shetty, and Aashna Shroff.

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